Superfly Mallard Calls
All these calls are hand turned which I know doesn't mean squat to most folks but that's just how they were made.
          What really matters is the sound! I try to tune all my calls so that they have a                           and a                    
                                       . It doesn't always work out like that but you be the judge. Each call has it's own individual
sound clip that was made with the call, not one "like" it. I'm always in the process of turning more calls and will
update the site as I finish more. If you don't see what you're interested in then check later. All calls will be mailed
out as soon as I get your $dough. Flat rate shipping on all duck calls mailed within the U.S. $5.00 will get it to your
house and in your hot little hands. If interested in placing an order go to the "Holler At Me" link on the navigation
bar up top or click the "Buy Now" link to pay with a credit/debit card.
big top end
nasty bottom end
New molded inserts!
Superfly TNT!
( The "bomb" of molded inserts )

Wood poly combo just $30 !